Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Mea Culpa on the Performance Graph

Since releasing Diffable, the single greatest complaint has been the fact that the Y-axis of the performance improvement graph does not start at 0.

These complaints are all completely valid, and I apologize for the misleading graph. The scale was automatically chosen by Google's charting software within a Google spreadsheet, which is where the graphs were originally created. I thought that because the scale was clearly stated on the left hand side, I wasn't "misleading" so much as presenting a "close-up" of the differences in the patch times. Clearly, many people thought I was wrong, and for this I apologize.

I have fixed the graph in the slides linked to from the project page, and have also contacted Steve Souders to see if he can change the graph used in his blog post. Sorry again for the offending graph.

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